300 – The Tales Tale

We look back at what has happened in the last 300 episodes and some of the lessons we’ve learned, what is happening on The Hydian Way, and where our hearts will take us.

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299 – The Mindset Tale

We had two Heroes and two denizen the Force Majeure podcast on to talk about what they put into developing characters for a short and long time, including how far ahead they make it, as well as what extra thoughts that are beyond mechanical go into a character.

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Heroes and Howitzers Pt2

The first time the second season crew get together to make a story. Now we conclude the wild times that happen when a Fiasco goes down.

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298 – The Rise of the Republic Tale

We have Kristine and Adam on to talk about the fun to be had with Rise of the Separatists and Collapse of the Republic. We go in depth on the new careers and how they can mold your campaigns in new and fun ways.

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Heroes and Howitzers Pt.1

The first time the second season crew get together to make a story, we were there to record it, now we bring this to you as the fun it truly is as Eaves and Stoop sow chaos in a quaint little town.

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297 – The Revenge of the Sith Tale

With three others Ben dives into the end of the prequel trilogy and comes up with several ideas and complications for campaigns and settings in some very novel ways.

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296 – The Heroic Build Tail

Brandon and Wren come to talk about how their characters were built and grew over the season 2 of the Heroes of the Hydian Way, from taking a universal specialization to start with, to getting almost all 25 talents in the doctor specialization.

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