Episode 82 – The Villains Tale

David’s back to talk about villains with us and how to make them just the big bad nemesis for your players to knock over.

We go from Babylon 5 to Die Hard for examples and many places in between.

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Episode 81 – The Keeping the Peace Tale

Ben and Joshua talk about Keeping the Peace and how the themes of the guardian career can be used in your game in shaping the whole party as well as the individual characters.

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Episode 80 – A Son of the Monkey

Ben and Joshua discuss setting a scene and how the FFG system is tailor made for better improvisation and cool ways of adding to it from both sides of the GM screen. (who uses those things as screens?)

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Episode 79 – The Scavenging Tale

Ben and Joshua look at the star destroyer on Jakku and let their minds go wild with possibilities for creating a campaign and integrating the history of the galaxy.

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