The Video Game Tale

We start asking how can you bring the narrative from a video game to the table top and get into emphasizing how you can show off narrative choice in letting the players find agency in what their choices mean.

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Dead in the Water Act 2, Episode 12

Injured and a man down, the squad has to rally in the face of the swiftly approaching black hole, and brave the droid infested engineering section of the Shadow Raptor. Can they turn this ship around before it is too late?

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The Characteristic Tale

We talk about how characteristics need to be thought of for your characters as your creating, knowing where your character is now in the timeline of their growth, and how you can shape your character off of abilities that aren’t common. Continue reading “The Characteristic Tale”

Dead in the Water Act 2, Episode 11

While TV-93 and Matu race across the outside of the Shadow Raptor to rejoin the rest of their squad, Kith and Neema have to contend with their nemesis TJ-11 and dozens of droids without the help of their sharpshooting droid or fearless commando.

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The Player Choice Tale

Beka and Ben talk about how to make your players make a choice in your games. From giving consequences to taking the plank that their clinging to away slowly we talk about ways of getting your players to engage in the situation around them. Continue reading “The Player Choice Tale”

Dead in the Water Act 2, Episode 10

With the squad divided, Neema, Kith, and R4-M1 take their borrowed Y-Wing on a mad dash for the Shadow Raptor‘s aft hull. Meanwhile in the forward hangar bay, Matu thankfully changes TV’s orders as the unlikely duo try to stop the enemy astromechs from escaping.

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The NPC Voice Tale

This week it’s Beka and Ben talking about how to make NPCs feel like PCs quickly or in more depth when you have time. We also hear about one way that doing world building can be of great benefit for you the GM.
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Dead in the Water Act 2, Episode 9

Conga line! While the squad’s newfound ally R4-M1 distracts a trio of enemy loadlifters with a song and dance, Matu and TV maneuver to disable the hangar bay’s magcon field in an effort to suck the enemy droids into space. Meanwhile, Kith and Neema seek shelter from the oncoming explosive decompression in one of the hangar’s many Y-Wings, only neither of them knows the first thing about flying.

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The Scene Building Tale

What goes into making a scene an scene? How can you drive the players in the direction you want them to? What do you do to spur the players into motion? We talk about this and more in todays episode. Continue reading “The Scene Building Tale”