Dead in the Water Interview with Writer Keith Kappel

In this special interview episode Ben, Kristine, Brent, and Leslie are joined by guest Keith Kappel, writer of the Age of Rebellion Gamemaster’s Kit, the “Dead in the Water” adventure module, and the upcoming Heroes adventure Friends Like These.

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Episode 160 – The Creature Tale

We talk about several ways to make creatures matter to a scene and how to make sure they don’t get lost in normal role-playing. From keeping tracking of characters to helping them set scenes. Continue reading “Episode 160 – The Creature Tale”

Dead in the Water Discussion Episode

In this discussion episode, the GM and players behind our Heroes: Ben, Kristine, Brent, Leslie, and Chris reflect on their experiences playing the “Dead in the Water” module from the Age of Rebellion Gamemaster’s Kit. Along the way they answer listener submitted questions, goof off, and hint at what’s coming next on Heroes of the Hydian Way.

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Episode 159 – The Party Starting Tale

We talk about getting the players to be hooked for an adventure lead and how to make them more of a player party instead of just players. From discussing other RPGs to how to manage disagreements we have a jam packed episode for you today. Continue reading “Episode 159 – The Party Starting Tale”

Dead in the Water Act 3, Episode 6

Showdown! Surrounded by enemies and in a precarious tactical position, our Heroes are going to have to scramble (and roll better) if they’re going to capture the traitor Oglerk and put a stop to these Imperial droid infiltrators in this finale to Dead in the Water.

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Episode 158 – The Home Brew Tale

We talk about some of our different approaches of rules at the table, from how powerful the force is, to how much experience we give out at the table. It’s fun to see our different approaches and how varied our styles are. Continue reading “Episode 158 – The Home Brew Tale”

Dead in the Water Act 3, Episode 5

After a disconcerting, if informative, experience at the Teagan Tech Consortium, our Heroes race to the Teagan droid factory in the hopes of stopping Captain Oglerk and, finally, getting some answers.

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Episode 157 – The Silhouette Zero Tale

Chris Ing has been a part of Heroes almost from the start, but Ben wanted to talk to him about his other podcast Silhouette Zero and two person gaming in general since it isn’t the typical way to run Star Wars RPG from FFG

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