Dead in the Water Act 2, Episode 8

With life support restored and the bridge retaken, the squad sets their sights on the Shadow Raptor‘s engine room in a bold move to divert the frigate’s present destination: a black hole. With time running short, Kith and Matu formulate some….less conventional plans to reach the engine room while TV comes face-to-face with someone he dislikes more than Matu.

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The Subplot Tale

This week we dive into Duty and Obligation and how to make them feel like a part of the whole story instead of a switch track stealing your plot. From simple ideas on how to weave a subplot into narrative, to ideas on where to look for incremental methods we have it here for you. Continue reading “The Subplot Tale”

Dead in the Water Act 2, Episode 7

Divide and Conquer! While Kith monkeys around with the Shadow Raptor‘s sabotaged life support systems, the rest of the squad makes plans to assault the bridge. All the while their adversary, the tactical droid TJ-11, remains one step ahead of them. And as if that wasn’t bad enough he’s developed a new hobbie: taunting his enemies.

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The New In Town Tale

We welcome Beka Black to our podcast to bring an artists perspective to our show. In interviewing her we find out about her deep history with Star Wars, her ability with art, and the way she jumped in with both feet to being a Game Master. Also, there is talk of Twi’lek lekku. Continue reading “The New In Town Tale”

Dead in the Water Act 2, Episode 6

Asphyxiation! The squad reaches life support as TJ’s droids vent the last of the Shadow Raptor‘s oxygen, promising doom to the hundreds of “meatbags” aboard. While Kith learns how to unsabotage a system in order to save the crew, TV fulfills a lifelong dream.

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The Module Tale

Tess wanted to ask about making a published module your own. We talk about how to make the voice of the module yours and how it can make it even more awesome because it allows you to focus on the characters even more. Continue reading “The Module Tale”

Dead in the Water Act 2, Episode 5

Time for the old one-two blasterroo. The squad learns about Mandalorian tactics, meet the fastest gun aboard the Raptor, and demonstrates why tools shouldn’t be jammed in power sockets as they storm primary communications in an attempt to call for Alliance reinforcements.

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The Motivation Tale

David and Ben were able to talk about motivating your players out of their bases of operations in ways that aren’t only a sledge of their obligations showing up on their door. This was asked by a Patreon supporter Andrew Fullard.
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Dead in the Water Act 2, Episode 4

A lesson in communication. With a small force of the Shadow Raptor’s crew in tow, the squad makes preparations to regain control of the ship’s communications array. Has Neema learned the fine art of stealth? Will the recently freed crew prove themselves as soldiers? Will Kith finally get to blow something up?

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