The Genesys Tale

Ben and Kristine discuss with David what we’ve taken away from the Genesys core book and some of the interesting tidbits we are looking forward to for the system. Continue reading “The Genesys Tale”

Friends Like These Act 3, Episode 2 – “Mandalorian Rhapsody”

While Neema, Kith, and AMP secure invitations to the Prince’s reception, Matu explores his feelings through song.

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The Deep Force Tale

Ben has Chris Ing from Silhouette Zero and Heroes on to talk about the force and some of the deeper things you can look at when using the force in your games. From what is light and dark, to the different force traditions we have ideas on how to make the force deeper in your games. Continue reading “The Deep Force Tale”

Friends Like These Act 3, Episode 1 – “Mean Streets”

Leaving Vlemoth Port behind, Neema, Matu, AMP, and Kith turn their sights towards the jungle world of Kowak and the Zygerrian slavers who call it home.

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The Everything is Terrain Tale

We talk about space combat and a few issues that can come up as well as a few unintended consequences of putting mechanics before narrative. Continue reading “The Everything is Terrain Tale”

Genesys “Voyage Above the Boiling Sea” Part 2

Learning that the airship Bonaventure is in danger of crashing, con man Percival Q. Stalwart and his ward Crumpet descend into the engine room to find a way to keep them airborne. Meanwhile passengers Gabrielle Graves and Emaline Penny O’Brien race to the engine room themselves in pursuit of a bunny/dog/stoat creature they found in their room.

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The Low Resource Tale

We talk about how to run an adventure with few player resources and how to make it so player ingenuity is welcome when you take their toys away. From survival to horror to investigations we talk about ways of a few things to expect and ways to make it awesome. Continue reading “The Low Resource Tale”