A Tale from the Front Lines

We saw the Rogue One preview. It was amazing. Then we started talking about running a campaign like that and asked ourselves how we would do it. One thing leads to another and suddenly we’re discussing how to make a decent war based campaign that doesn’t feel like an Edge of the Empire campaign.

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A Nonchalant Piloting Tale

Cam has a plan, and that plan is to finally talk about Fly Casual.

Which we did, and we pretty much love the book. There are so many stories that we can pull out of it. We discuss the kind of stories that make Fly Casual a great resource, talk about the three new specializations, and talk about some of the story ideas we have for the species.

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The Developing Tale Of Max Brooke

We were able to find Max Brooke and get him to talk about all of the fun things going on at FFG as well as some of the cooler aspects of Star Wars the RPG and why having a single campaign to run is a good idea.

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The Tale of the Second Story

Ben and Cam started talking about ships and the big concept ways of using them and the topic started to drift quickly. They slingshot past how to make things more interesting from the outset of a campaign and end up talking about how to keep a campaign interesting over the longer term and how to ratchet up the difficulty.

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