Heroes and Howitzers Pt2

The first time the second season crew get together to make a story. Now we conclude the wild times that happen when a Fiasco goes down.

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Heroes and Howitzers Pt.1

The first time the second season crew get together to make a story, we were there to record it, now we bring this to you as the fun it truly is as Eaves and Stoop sow chaos in a quaint little town.

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Heroes Announcement

As alluded to in The Road Ahead Tale, we have an announcement regarding Heroes.

Interview with the People on Heroes

Ben interviews the rest of the cast of Heroes of the Hydian Way. The dependable editor Kristine, the personable Chris, the deep Brent, and the energetic Leslie all share bits of themselves with you in this episode. Continue reading “Interview with the People on Heroes”

The One About Humour

Ben and David talk about humour and how to make it so you as a GM are playing to the audience and not having your jokes hit the floor like bantha poodoo Continue reading “The One About Humour”

The Endless Species Tale

Our episode on Endless Vigil miss the species, here they are. We talk about the very interesting species in the book and give a few ideas for characters and campaigns that jump out at us Continue reading “The Endless Species Tale”

New Site Announcement

We now can be found at TheHydianWay.com where you can find links to as much of what we talk of as we can find, as well as all previous episodes and some bonus content for our loyal followers.

The Armorer Debate

Ben and Joshua got talking about the Armorer in Keeping the Peace. This doesn’t fit our usual style so we’re releasing it as a bonus episode. Let us know if you like it and we might do more as time permits.

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