Genesys “Voyage Above the Boiling Sea” Part 2

Learning that the airship Bonaventure is in danger of crashing, con man Percival Q. Stalwart and his ward Crumpet descend into the engine room to find a way to keep them airborne. Meanwhile passengers Gabrielle Graves and Emaline Penny O’Brien race to the engine room themselves in pursuit of a bunny/dog/stoat creature they found in their room.

Dramatis Personae

Ben Yendall as the GM

Kristine Chester is playing the Aristocrat Explorer – Gabrielle “Gabby” Graves
Chris Ing is playing the the Urchin Tinkersmith – Crumpet
Matt Ing is playing the Magically Inclined Scoundrel – Percival Q. Stalwart
Leslie is playing the World-Famous Investigator – Emaline Penny O’Brien

Editing by Kristine Chester

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