Episode 75 – The New Legends Tale

David likes the Vong, Joshua loves cool ideas.

We talk about using the odd ideas from legends to have a cool game and how to use them in a general sense at your table.

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Episode 74 – The Tale of Crisis

Ben likes breaking things and making the players figure out how to fix them.

Joshua is leery, but offers some great advice for how to deal with having crisis in your game and making them interesting.

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Episode 73 – The Converted Tale

We talk about converting adventures to your table, starting with The Temple of Elemental Evil and going through to making Onslaught at Arda I work for you and not throwing in unknown characters.

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Episode 72 – The New Path Tale

David’s players went to Bandomir.

This is a problem because he has no idea what to do and the session is the day after recording. Ben chimes in with a few ideas and in doing so they find a great truth for all GMs.

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Episode 71 – The Mentored Tale

We take a look at mentors and how to use them in the game.

We look to a few of the different aspects that a mentor in game can take and a few story lines that can work out very well.

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Episode 70 – The Awakens Tale

We talk about The Force Awakens and how you can take several of the lessons from it and put it at your table. From how to deal with a Big Bad to how to move time along in a believable fashion.

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Bonus Episode 1- The Armorer Debate

Ben and Joshua got talking about the Armorer in Keeping the Peace. This doesn’t fit our usual style so we’re releasing it as a bonus episode. Let us know if you like it and we might do more as time permits.

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Episode 69 – The Strongholds Tale

Joshua and Ben have the book Strongholds of Resistance and give their reviews. David leads questions and joins in with his thoughts. We all talk about how to bring this book into making your tales on the table all the more awesome.

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Episode 68 – The Holiday Tale

As we enter into the longest night we look to holidays in Star Wars and role playing games in general. From what makes up a holiday, to covering a few ideas and themes that you can do from major adventures all the way to little bits.

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Episode 67 – The Underused Tale

Why is astrogation only used to pull those levers for hyperspace? Can you use knowledge skills in the heat of the moment? Can deception be just as good as range (light) in combat? We look at all of these and more in this weeks episode.

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