Trouble Brewing Episode 10 – “Slimy, Yet Terrifying”

With the way clear, the Sky on Fire limps inside the asteroid hideout of Bandin Dobah and begins their investigation at a mysterious ship they’ve found abandoned.

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Trouble Brewing Episode 9 – “Dealing With Something Ugly”

In orbit of a giant asteroid and having tripped a droid starfighter alarm system, the Sky on Fire and her crew move quickly to engage and take out the threat.

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Trouble Brewing Episode 8 – “Safety Features”

Popping out of hyperspace in front of a huge asteroid, Kaav has crashed Sky on Fire, badly damaging the freighter’s shield generator. In unknown territory, the crew take stock of the damage and the dangers that surround them.

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Trouble Brewing Episode 7 – “Gand Entrance”

Having dispatched Daro Blunt and rescued R4-W9, Barawyn, Kaav, Vuren, and Billie depart Formos determined to follow the trail back to their quarry.

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