Trouble Brewing Episode 7 – “Gand Entrance”

Having dispatched Daro Blunt and rescued R4-W9, Barawyn, Kaav, Vuren, and Billie depart Formos determined to follow the trail back to their quarry.

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Trouble Brewing Episode 6 – “Capers and Cave-Ins”

After facing down the vile Daro Blunt and his gang of smugglers, the crew make their way to the flophouse. What will they find inside? Will Billie be able to keep Kaav away from the blasters? Will Vuren ever discover how to turn off the annoying ringtone on his pilfered comlink?

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Trouble Brewing Episode 5 – “Blunt Force Trauma”

Following a lead Billie gained playing sabaac, the crew traveled to a flophouse in Formos’s industrial sector, but were stopped in their tracks by blaster fire. Wild blaster shots, tail sweeps, and a stolen forklift later Barawyn, Billie, Vuren, and Kaav are entrenched in a fight against the smuggler Daro Blunt and his gang.

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Trouble Brewing Episode 4 – “Waylaid at the Warehouse”

Frightened, embarrassed, and statically charged, the crew of Sky on Fire reunite to look over their leads for the smuggler Bandon Doba.

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Trouble Brewing Episode 3 – “Locks, Shocks, and One Smoking Selonian”

Having gained information on a dangerous but potentially lucrative bounty: Bandon Doba, and having thoroughly embarrassed themselves, Vuren, Kaav, Barawyn, and 13-1LL prepare to leave the Biscuit Baron with their Rodians, half a protocol droid, and remaining few biscuits in tow.

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Trouble Brewing Episode 2 – “This Gand Doesn’t Have a Kloo Horn”

In pursuit of their new friend Vreebo and with a fresh droid carcass in hand, the crew of Sky on Fire finally arrive at the Formos Biscuit Baron.

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Trouble Brewing Episode 1 – “The Strange Incident of the Droid in the Dark”

The crew of Sky on Fire: Vuren, a Twi’lek gambler who won his freedom; 13-1LL, a one time sabacc dealing droid that Vuren won in a card game; the Gand kloo-horn fanatic and mechanic Kaav; and the Fire‘s captain and bounty hunter, the Selonian Barawyn, arrive on Formos to hear the great Fia Mund play in concert at the local Biscuit Baron. But, as this crew of misfit’s will soon discover, Formos is not like every other port of call.

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