The Steam Setting Tale

We created a steampunk setting in Genesys and look to different ideas that could come from the location we’ve created in Firemouth Outpost.

Things talked about in this episode:

Description of Firemouth Outpost:

Mining facility on the edge of the boiling sea where you can go to be part of the work crews, and support workers.

Miners work in shifts with a shift lead and many people below them, they work in large semi mechanical suits that protect from the crushing depths and the pressure of being down that far.

The corporation pays in script “gears” and there are sterling pounds as well as the metal that is mined at the spouts of the boiling sea.

Characters discussed in this episode:

Mad Scientist – Intellectual – Alchemy, Coercion, Knowledge, Mechanics, Medicine, Operating, Skulduggery, Ranged Heavy

Airship Captain – Mongrel – Clockwork, Discipline, Gunnery, Knowledge, Leadership, Mechanics, Operating, Perception

Miner – Revenant – Athletics, Coercion, Discipline, Mechanics, Melee, Perception, Resilience, Streetwise

Scoundrel – Average Human – Charm, Cool, Clockwork, Deception, Ranged Light, Skulduggery, Stealth, Streetwise

Fighter Pilot – Mongrel –  Cool, Driving, Gunnery, Mechanics, Perception, Piloting, Range Light, Vigilance

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