Episode 101: The Crossed Personalities Tale

We talked about The Crossroads Sector last week. This week we populate it with a family with a dark secret, a desperate criminal with a heart of gold, and a ghost ship that holds a terrifying secret. Continue reading “Episode 101: The Crossed Personalities Tale”

Episode 100 – The Crossroads Sector Tale

Wow, we made it to 100 episodes of Tales. We’re celebrating by giving you a huge gift of a new sector with interesting planets and some dangerous places where the profit can be bigger then a smuggler can imagine. Continue reading “Episode 100 – The Crossroads Sector Tale”

New Site Announcement

We now can be found at TheHydianWay.com where you can find links to as much of what we talk of as we can find, as well as all previous episodes and some bonus content for our loyal followers.

Episode 99 – The Public Force Tale

We talk of the repercussions of using the force publicly in the Empire and how it becomes this impending doom that is creeping upon the players. From Moffs to Hutts and every where in between we find the ways people will try to control the power of the force. Continue reading “Episode 99 – The Public Force Tale”

Episode 98 – The New Player Tale

This week we talk to Susan White, the player of Behr on Dice for Brains. We talk to Susan about being a new player at the table and how to be better at improvisation from the player side of the screen. Continue reading “Episode 98 – The New Player Tale”

Episode 97 – The Jelly Tale

We have Ross Rockafellow back to talk more about morality, conflict, and sith flying squirrels with us to learn how to use each more effectively at our tables.
Continue reading “Episode 97 – The Jelly Tale”

Episode 96 – The New Worlds Tale

Ross Rockafellow from Dice for Brains sent us a message about wanting to answer some listener questions with our group of opinionated GMs. Little did he know that we wanted to ask a few questions of our own.
Continue reading “Episode 96 – The New Worlds Tale”

Episode 95 -The Menacing Villain Tale

We start with an impossibly powerful villain and try to figure out interesting fashions to make them feel menacing without having them feel staged or forced.
Continue reading “Episode 95 -The Menacing Villain Tale”

Episode 94 – The Bar Brawl Tale

David and Ben talk about how you can get a brawl happening in a bar without your players going murder happy.

From how to split a scene into two encounters to why it’s okay to do so we dive deep into brawling in public.

Continue reading “Episode 94 – The Bar Brawl Tale”

Episode 92 – The Herding Players Tale

This week Joshua asks David and Ben why his players are floundering after giving them an open sandbox to work with.

Discussion erupts around ways to move the story along and ways of presenting story that players care about.

Continue reading “Episode 92 – The Herding Players Tale”