Episode 64 – The Coercive Tale

We talk about coercion and the use of the skill at the table.

Joshua is away and one of my players was looking at the blackmail talent, so David and I had a discussion on how to use it, how it’s been used in movies and ways to improve its effectiveness.

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Episode 63 – The Organized Tale

Organizations are fun to come up with, so we came up with 9 new ones, each with a different bend.

David takes criminals, Joshua goes all forcey force, and Ben is doing odd military applications.

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Episode 62- A Tale of Hope and Despair

Hope and despair are woven into the DNA of Star Wars, and stories generally. How you can use hope in the darkest situations and despair when everything is going right is the topic of this weeks episode. Listen in and have fun.

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Episode 61- The Missing Player Tale

A missing player isn’t the end of the world. We talk about how you can deal with players that are gone for a session or a month. The approaches differ but can be used to set the story forward in ways that wouldn’t normally be available.

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Episode 60 – The Bestial Tale

We talk about Beasts this week because ages ago @thebrometheus decided he really liked the 30 odd dogs in his family room.

It’s taken a little bit but we here on the Reluctant Bogwing  sat down and talked about beasts from the wonderful swarm of bees to Zilo beasts.

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Episode 59 – The Restarting Tale

Ben is back and he brought in two other people to talk with him about Star Wars and the cool things they can come up with.

As the Star Wars RPG talk starts, they break into a discussion on Nemeses and how you can use them effectively in a few situations.

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Episode 58 – The Tale of Endings

We talk about things to keep in mind as you end sessions, chapters, and campaigns during Cams final show.  We have a great time as we watch out for murder bears around the campfire.

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Episode 57 – The Other Edge Tale

This week we talk about campaigns in Edge of the Empire that don’t deal with the Hutts or Black Sun.

Going from the wild west to noir and back again Ben and Cam have many good ideas for you to listen to.

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Episode 56 – The Foretold Tale

This week we talk of move, seek, sense, and foresee. Finding interesting and cool ways to make them menacing and really fun ways to bring them to the table for everyone to enjoy.

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Episode 55 – The Sam Stewart Tale

We interview Sam Stewart, RPG Manager for Fantasy Flight Games, about the Force and Destiny Core book.

We talk about how the specializations were designed and how to use Inquisitors and high level Nemesis characters in  your game.

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