Mask of the Pirate Queen Act 2, Session 0

Ben, Kristine, Brandon, Leslie, and Wren discuss the crew’s Obligations and together decide how they have grown, changed, or decreased over the course of Act 1.

Dramatis Personae

Ben Yendall as the GM

Kristine Chester is playing the Gand Technician – Illyn Kaav
Brandon Perdue is playing the Selonian Bounty Hunter – Barawyn
Leslie Trautman is playing the Droid Hired Gun – 13-1LL “Billie”
Wren Knowles is playing the Pantoran Colonist – Vastrano Til

Editing by Kristine Chester
Hydian Hunters Theme by Chris Ing
Season 2 Album Art by Jay Simpson

Act 1 Obligation Chart
Family (Kaav) 1-10%
Droid Family (Kaav) 11-15%
Theft (Kaav) 16-25%
Dutybound (Barawyn) 26-30%
Rule Breaker (Barawyn) 31-45%
Responsibility (13-1LL) 46-55%
High Risk (13-1LL) 56-65%
Family (Vastrano) 66-75%
Betrayal (Vastrano) 76-85%

Act 2 Obligation Chart
Kaav Clan (Illyn) 1-5%
Droid Family (Illyn) 6-10%
Near Death (Illyn) 11-20%
Consortium (Barawyn) 21-30%
Rule Breaker (Barawyn) 31-45%
Vuren (13-1LL) 46-50%
High Risk (13-1LL) 51-55%
Self Discovery (13-1LL) 56-65%
Family (Vastrano) 66-75%
Betrayal (Vastrano) 76-80%
Found Family (Vastrano) 81-90%

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Show Notes

Sound Effects

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