Friends Like These Act 4, Episode 14 – “Light and Darkness”

Over the last month, Neema Talemy, Matu Ordo, and Kith Ursi’bek have saved a cruiser from a black hole, negotiated with Mandalorians, attended parties, freed slaves, and lost friends. Now, as the Battle of Xorrn enters its final act, they find themselves before the Imperial invasion’s leader.

Dramatis Personae

Ben Yendall as the GM

Kristine Chester is playing the Mirialan Commander – Neema Talemy
Chris Ing is playing the Mandalorian Soldier – Matu Ordo
Leslie is playing the Bothan Engineer – Kith Ursi’bek

Editing by Kristine Chester

Sabotage (Kith) 1-35%
Combat Victory (Matu) 36-69%
Personnel (Neema) 70-100%

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