Episode 85 – The Lead By Example Tale

We look at Lead by Example and poke it with sticks, trying to find interesting ways of playing the new specializations along with some ideas on how to use the new special abilities.

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Episode 83 – The Return of Max Tale

We interview producer and writer Max Brooke of FFG about confict in Force and Destiny.

As we lookinto a few gaps we’ve seen and stumbled over he’s able to help us greatly with our understanding.

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Episode 81 – The Keeping the Peace Tale

Ben and Joshua talk about Keeping the Peace and how the themes of the guardian career can be used in your game in shaping the whole party as well as the individual characters.

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Episode 67 – The Underused Tale

Why is astrogation only used to pull those levers for hyperspace? Can you use knowledge skills in the heat of the moment? Can deception be just as good as range (light) in combat? We look at all of these and more in this weeks episode.

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Episode 66 – The Power Gear Tale

Joshua feels deeply about Jet Packs.

We look at how you can use gear that can seem over the top and how to bring it into a cool encounter to showcase it. From the jump boots we just found, to some amazing ideas on what to do with a gravshute, we give a broad idea of where to get ideas from and share a few of our own.

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Episode 57 – The Other Edge Tale

This week we talk about campaigns in Edge of the Empire that don’t deal with the Hutts or Black Sun.

Going from the wild west to noir and back again Ben and Cam have many good ideas for you to listen to.

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Episode 56 – The Foretold Tale

This week we talk of move, seek, sense, and foresee. Finding interesting and cool ways to make them menacing and really fun ways to bring them to the table for everyone to enjoy.

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Episode 54 – The Alternative Force Tale

We answer two listener questions about force traditions and how to not let force users out shine other player characters.

We go from the witches of Dathomir to Gand marshals to figuring out how to treat a whole party as a whole party.

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Episode 48 – An Impossible Tale

This week Cam can’t join us, so we pull in two guests. We talk about specialists and how they can be very difficult to deal with on the fly. We also come up with a few ways to keep your specialists feeling special, and how to engage them without punishing them for specializing.

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Episode 47 – A Party Tale

This week we start a look at how you can deal with holes in the party and how, as a GM, you can challenge players without making it punishment for choosing the ‘wrong party’.

We also give a few ideas for party concepts and how they can be made into really amazing adventures or campaigns.

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