The Gifted Gear Tale

Gear is always an issue, finally Ben asked Joshua and David how they deal with it. We talk about how to use gear in your game from giving out credits and gear to giving a few ideas on how to get the players to keep it at base.

We talk about the following in the episode:

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One thought on “The Gifted Gear Tale”

  1. All this talk about local law enforcement encounters instantly brings to my mind the Law Level tables and encounters from the Traveller RPG system. This could be good inspiration for FFG SW too.
    Basically, every planet is rated with a Law Level ranging from 0-9. The more restrictive (higher) the LL, the less “open carry” is allowed. The LL also is used to guide Legal Encounters. Tatooine is probably LL 1. Naboo might be at something like LL 8.
    In the Classic Traveller rules, the referee makes one throw per day (roll LL or less) to see if a Legal Encounter happens. If yes, a local enforcer stops the party and demands identification. The attitude of the enforcer is determined, and the encounter played out. It could lead to nothing or greater interaction.
    In the OGL Mongoose Traveller rules, there is a list of situations (each with a Die Modifier) that could lead to a Legal Encounter. For instance, a Bar Fight (DM -1) means a Legal Encounter occurs on a 2d6 roll of LL minus 1 or less. In this case, the enforcers show up ready for a fight. In another case, if the party was just acting suspiciously the enforcers simply check out their idents and story.
    I envision a similar approach can be used for FFG Star Wars. Maybe an Average Cool check for an encounter, with increased/decreased difficulty depending on the law level of the planet. Maybe add bonus or setback to the die pool depending on open carry/suspicious activity of the party. If the check fails, any Threat or Advantage could be used to represent the attitude of the enforcers. A Triumph insulates the players from further harassment for a period of time, whereas a Despair ups the ante (i.e. the dreaded “Imperial entanglement”).

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