The Gifted Gear Tale

Gear is always an issue, finally Ben asked Joshua and David how they deal with it. We talk about how to use gear in your game from giving out credits and gear to giving a few ideas on how to get the players to keep it at base. Continue reading “The Gifted Gear Tale”

The Seeking Tale

We talk about Savage Spirits and some amazing stories that can come from the specializations and species in the supplement. Going from the coldness of the Executioner to finding great stories that fit the Hermit we bring you a new perspective on the Seeker Sourcebook Continue reading “The Seeking Tale”

The Astounding Conflict Tale

Ben David and Joshua talk about conflict and the dialogue that opens up from using it. From how to do it badly to how to make things much more interesting.

Continue reading “The Astounding Conflict Tale”

The Deadly Space Tale

We talk about what in space can cause your players a hard time and how to make it more interesting in an adventure and story. From the terror of a black hole to the raw power of getting close to a star being in a starship can be fraught with danger. Continue reading “The Deadly Space Tale”

The Disastrous Tale

What do you do when you’re planning on throwing your players into a disaster? Why are there certain tropes to use and to avoid? We look to some that come up and many of the research you can use to make your game feel even more amazing. Continue reading “The Disastrous Tale”

The Exploration Tale

We talk about exploration and how to avoid some of the pitfalls that are so easy to come up against when bringing this to your players. From having a place be devoid of life to not remembering to have a goal once the players get to a new place we give a few ideas on how to make your exploration better. Continue reading “The Exploration Tale”

The Analog Tale

We talk of Star Wars and how technology should be a support for your story unless it becomes the complete centre of it. We go from discussing the tech and some of the oddities to discussing how to use it at your table in ways that move the story forward. Continue reading “The Analog Tale”

The Atypical Campaign Tale

We talk about adventures without combat in this episode. And look at many different ways of creating a dramatic narrative without forcing the players to pick up a blaster.

Continue reading “The Atypical Campaign Tale”

The Deep NPC Tale

We talk NPCs and how to make them and your base interesting in an Age of Rebellion setting, as well as the varried locations you’ll run across in Edge of the Empire and Force and Destiny. Continue reading “The Deep NPC Tale”

The Hard Crime Tale

We go looking at new ways your players can slip deeper into a crime lords grasp and how you can give the players two choices that they don’t want to take. Ben and David talk about how crime in fiction isn’t always happy go lucky and can be a huge moral quandary for those involved. Continue reading “The Hard Crime Tale”

The Crossed Personalities Tale

We talked about The Crossroads Sector last week. This week we populate it with a family with a dark secret, a desperate criminal with a heart of gold, and a ghost ship that holds a terrifying secret. Continue reading “The Crossed Personalities Tale”