Dead in the Water Act 3, Episode 4

With arms laden with new “toys” from Kwiggley’s junk shop, our Heroes set course for Teagan, home to the Teagan Tech Consortium and, Force willing, Captain Oglerk’s final stop.

Dramatis Personae

Ben Yendall as the GM

Kristine Chester is playing the Mirialan Commander – Neema Talemy
Chris Ing is playing the Mandalorian Soldier – Matu Ordo
Brent Brown is playing the Droid Spy – TV-93 (Teevee)
Leslie is playing the Bothan Engineer – Kith Ursi’bek

Editing by Kristine Chester

Personnel (Neema) 1-30%
Combat Victory (Matu) 31%-56%
Enemy Demoralization (TV-93) 57%-76%
Sabotage (Kith) 77-95%

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