Episode 233 – The Trope Tale

Tropes get brought up quite a bit, we’ve heard it so much, from how a scene is hollow because there isn’t anything else attached to the trope to how some tropes repeated enough can be harmful to your own gaming table.

We talk about how this happens and how to deal better with tropes.

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Episode 232 – The Writers Block Tale

Rissa ran into writers block and we go through a few ways of inspiration while doing a very good method of talking out what lead to the indecision.

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Intermission Episode 1 – “Adopt Your Local Doctor”

Freshly paid and with the Sky on Fire undergoing repairs, the crew takes some much needed downtime. Meanwhile Kaav continues to pursue the crafting job for the Hutt Lord Thakba Besadii Diori and check on their old friend in Thakba’s employ, the Pantoran Doctor Vastrano Til.

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Episode 231 – The Clue Path Tale

We talk with Leslie from Heroes and get questions about how to make sure your adventures don’t hit dead walls when giving players paths forward, especially with setting scenes and making sure that clues are actual clues.

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Trouble Brewing Episode 13 – “Building Droids and Influencing Hutts”

Their hunt complete, the crew of the Sky on Fire travel to Sleheyron to meet with Thakba Besadii Diori in the hopes that their payday has finally arrived.

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Episode 230 – The Branded Tale

I got watching the Bumblebee trailer and then wouldn’t stop talking about it, so Rissa and I got talking about how to bring our more favorite franchises into being used in Genesys and Star Wars.

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Heroes Announcement

As alluded to in The Road Ahead Tale, we have an announcement regarding Heroes.

Trouble Brewing Episode 12.5 – “An Electrifying Conclusion Part 2”

Our heroes have boarded the YV-666 freighter Vagrant in search of their bounty, Bandon Doba. Having found the enraged Aqualish and suffered his wrath, we open on a Twi’lek gambler and a blaster pistol set to kill.

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Episode 229 – The Environmental Tale

We look at environments and how to make them matter to your players who have taken talents and species that would make use of them. We also talk about how to lead the way in getting the most use out of an environment

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Trouble Brewing Episode 12 – “An Electrifying Conclusion”

Our heroes have boarded the YV-666 freighter Vagrant in search of their bounty, Bandon Doba, only for Kaav to open a locked hatch and come face to face with their Aqualish quarry.

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Episode 228 -The Social Tale

We’re back and talking social skills, how we use them, how the intent of the rolls are a good indication of how they should be adjudicated, and how two skills can be used for the same roll

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Trouble Brewing Episode 11 – “Disruptive Habits”

Abandon ship! Riding on the wings of a jury-rigged Z-95 Headhunter, our heroes have come face to face with a YV-666 freighter and her laser cannons.

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Episode 227 – The Single Shot Tale

Thinking about the one shots we’ve run, and how we’ve gone into preparing the adventures. We look at two vastly different styles of creating an experience for our players.

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Episode 226 – The Road Ahead Tale

We talk about what 2018 has brought to the show and where we’re planning to take Heroes and Tales in the next year.

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Trouble Brewing Episode 10 – “Slimy, Yet Terrifying”

With the way clear, the Sky on Fire limps inside the asteroid hideout of Bandin Dobah and begins their investigation at a mysterious ship they’ve found abandoned.

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Episode 225 – The Charming Combat Tale

We talk about how big can one social check be in a combat action, especially one that has gone on quite long. From there we talk about types of actions that are easier to adjudicate and give some fun examples of how charm can be used to deflect combat from happening.

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Episode 224 – The Present Player Tale

People aren’t always paying attention and can be distracted by a great many things, we talk about when it starts impacting their participation at the table as well as others.

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Trouble Brewing Episode 9 – “Dealing With Something Ugly”

In orbit of a giant asteroid and having tripped a droid starfighter alarm system, the Sky on Fire and her crew move quickly to engage and take out the threat.

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Episode 223 – The Adding a Player Tale

We look at the difficulties in adding a new player and their character in the middle of an ongoing campaign and making it as seamless and as rewarding as possible.

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Episode 222 – The Secret Society Tale

Secret societies show up in more places than we’d normally think. They are a very valuable story telling tool and we explore them in a fashion that makes them easier to use.

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Trouble Brewing Episode 8 – “Safety Features”

Popping out of hyperspace in front of a huge asteroid, Kaav has crashed Sky on Fire, badly damaging the freighter’s shield generator. In unknown territory, the crew take stock of the damage and the dangers that surround them.

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Episode 221 – The Group of Individuals Tale

We talk about a topic from the discord regarding mixed groups and how to make it feel that everyone is in the story, instead of just given simple tasks to do. From magic users and Genesys to how to get force users to constrain their powers, we have ideas.

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Episode 220 – The Villainous Tale

We talk about villains in your game, from introducing them, how much different types of adventures bring a villain out to the players, and so many places in between. We have advice and tales of when things didn’t go right.

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Trouble Brewing Episode 7 – “Gand Entrance”

Having dispatched Daro Blunt and rescued R4-W9, Barawyn, Kaav, Vuren, and Billie depart Formos determined to follow the trail back to their quarry.

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Episode 219 – The In Character Tale

From policing what or why your character would act a certain way to figuring out ways to make sure your split party compartmentalizes we have ideas on how to get your players and characters to identify closer to each other. We talk about how to metagame with a much freer conscience and a few simple ways GMs can gently push their players forward from planning to action.

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