Episode 145 – The Module Tale

Tess wanted to ask about making a published module your own. We talk about how to make the voice of the module yours and how it can make it even more awesome because it allows you to focus on the characters even more. Continue reading “Episode 145 – The Module Tale”

Confessions of a Newb GM: Skills and Structured Events

I want to help clear up a misconception that I’ve seen again and again in discussions. Skills are skills. It doesn’t matter if they’re knowledge skills, combat skills, bow hunting skills, or computer hacking skills it all comes back down to: The way you use a skill in one situation is the same as in any other situation. Continue reading “Confessions of a Newb GM: Skills and Structured Events”

Episode 89 – The Challenge Tale

Two listeners asked us about skill challenges in Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars system and we decided to give our thoughts on it.

From outlining what they are for those unaware, to ways the advantage and threat skew how you can use them.

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Episode 83 – The Return of Max Tale

We interview producer and writer Max Brooke of FFG about confict in Force and Destiny.

As we lookinto a few gaps we’ve seen and stumbled over he’s able to help us greatly with our understanding.

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Episode 81 – The Keeping the Peace Tale

Ben and Joshua talk about Keeping the Peace and how the themes of the guardian career can be used in your game in shaping the whole party as well as the individual characters.

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Episode 67 – The Underused Tale

Why is astrogation only used to pull those levers for hyperspace? Can you use knowledge skills in the heat of the moment? Can deception be just as good as range (light) in combat? We look at all of these and more in this weeks episode.

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Episode 56 – The Foretold Tale

This week we talk of move, seek, sense, and foresee. Finding interesting and cool ways to make them menacing and really fun ways to bring them to the table for everyone to enjoy.

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Episode 50 – The Core of Destiny Tale

We talk about the Force and Destiny Core book.

The book is finally out, and we have a few things to say, and to praise. We go from motivation to morality, from the GM section to the specializations, and we don’t just have a little fun with it.

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Episode 46 – A Desperate Tale

Ben and Cam take a deep look at the careers and species in the new career supplement for Age of Rebellion. They cover some of the ways that it’s evocative for new and old players alike. Styles of play and odd ideas are tossed about with great relish.

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Episode 44 – Setting the Tale

Getting players to engage with a setting is never easy, and getting players to use the setting to their advantage is even harder.

This time we talk about setting tone, suspense, using fear, where to glean some useful feedback, and many other things.

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