Dead in the Water Act 2, Episode 7

Divide and Conquer! While Kith monkeys around with the Shadow Raptor‘s sabotaged life support systems, the rest of the squad makes plans to assault the bridge. All the while their adversary, the tactical droid TJ-11, remains one step ahead of them. And as if that wasn’t bad enough he’s developed a new hobbie: taunting his enemies.

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Dead in the Water Act 2, Episode 5

Time for the old one-two blasterroo. The squad learns about Mandalorian tactics, meet the fastest gun aboard the Raptor, and demonstrates why tools shouldn’t be jammed in power sockets as they storm primary communications in an attempt to call for Alliance reinforcements.

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Interview with the People on Heroes

Ben interviews the rest of the cast of Heroes of the Hydian Way. The dependable editor Kristine, the personable Chris, the deep Brent, and the energetic Leslie all share bits of themselves with you in this episode. Continue reading “Interview with the People on Heroes”

Heroes of the Hydian Way Teaser

We haven’t said much about the Heroes of the Hydian Way yet. We record the first actual session today, we’ve had a session zero to get a feel for each other and work out most tech bugs. To give an idea of what Heroes is Ben answers here some of the questions that could be (and should be) poking up about the new podcast. Continue reading “Heroes of the Hydian Way Teaser”