Episode 150 – The Player Choice Tale

Beka and Ben talk about how to make your players make a choice in your games. From giving consequences to taking the plank that their clinging to away slowly we talk about ways of getting your players to engage in the situation around them. Continue reading “Episode 150 – The Player Choice Tale”

Dead in the Water Act 2, Episode 10

With the squad divided, Neema, Kith, and R4-M1 take their borrowed Y-Wing on a mad dash for the Shadow Raptor‘s aft hull. Meanwhile in the forward hangar bay, Matu thankfully changes TV’s orders as the unlikely duo try to stop the enemy astromechs from escaping.

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Episode 149 – The NPC Voice Tale

This week it’s Beka and Ben talking about how to make NPCs feel like PCs quickly or in more depth when you have time. We also hear about one way that doing world building can be of great benefit for you the GM.
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Dead in the Water Act 2, Episode 9

Conga line! While the squad’s newfound ally R4-M1 distracts a trio of enemy loadlifters with a song and dance, Matu and TV maneuver to disable the hangar bay’s magcon field in an effort to suck the enemy droids into space. Meanwhile, Kith and Neema seek shelter from the oncoming explosive decompression in one of the hangar’s many Y-Wings, only neither of them knows the first thing about flying.

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Episode 148 – The Scene Building Tale

What goes into making a scene an scene? How can you drive the players in the direction you want them to? What do you do to spur the players into motion? We talk about this and more in todays episode. Continue reading “Episode 148 – The Scene Building Tale”

Dead in the Water Act 2, Episode 8

With life support restored and the bridge retaken, the squad sets their sights on the Shadow Raptor‘s engine room in a bold move to divert the frigate’s present destination: a black hole. With time running short, Kith and Matu formulate some….less conventional plans to reach the engine room while TV comes face-to-face with someone he dislikes more than Matu.

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Episode 147 – The Subplot Tale

This week we dive into Duty and Obligation and how to make them feel like a part of the whole story instead of a switch track stealing your plot. From simple ideas on how to weave a subplot into narrative, to ideas on where to look for incremental methods we have it here for you. Continue reading “Episode 147 – The Subplot Tale”

Dead in the Water Act 2, Episode 7

Divide and Conquer! While Kith monkeys around with the Shadow Raptor‘s sabotaged life support systems, the rest of the squad makes plans to assault the bridge. All the while their adversary, the tactical droid TJ-11, remains one step ahead of them. And as if that wasn’t bad enough he’s developed a new hobbie: taunting his enemies.

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Episode 146 – The New In Town Tale

We welcome Beka Black to our podcast to bring an artists perspective to our show. In interviewing her we find out about her deep history with Star Wars, her ability with art, and the way she jumped in with both feet to being a Game Master. Also, there is talk of Twi’lek lekku. Continue reading “Episode 146 – The New In Town Tale”

Dead in the Water Act 2, Episode 6

Asphyxiation! The squad reaches life support as TJ’s droids vent the last of the Shadow Raptor‘s oxygen, promising doom to the hundreds of “meatbags” aboard. While Kith learns how to unsabotage a system in order to save the crew, TV fulfills a lifelong dream.

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