Dead in the Water – Act 1 Episode 1

In the premiere episode of Heroes of the Hydian Way, a squad of misfits: the Mandalorian warrior Matu Ordo, the dispirited tactical droid TV-93, explosives expert Kith Ursi’bek, and Lieutenant Neema Talemy are assigned to the frigate Shadow Raptor in order to take possession of a large shipment of droids. With four million credits in hand and a Hutt controlled station, what can possibly go wrong?

Dramatis Personae

Ben Yendall as the GM

Kristine is playing the Mirialan – Neema Talemy
Chris Ing is playng the Mandalorian – Matu Ordo
Brent Brown is playing the Droid – TV-93 (Teevee)
Leslie is playing the Bothan – Kith Ursi’bek

Editing by Kristine Chester

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